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A special thanks to Lockhart Industries for their continued support of Dinos field hockey.


Alberta Culture Community Spirit Grant

Thank you for the two great years of support!!


TailGate Party a Huge Success!!

Friends, family, students and a few alumni were out at the pitch this past Saturday to cheer on our Dinos.  Thefirst annual FH tailgate was a huge success hopefully to be repeated in the future.  The sun was shinning and Spolumbo sausages were flying off the grill before the first whistle!
The energy in the stands was at a high as our Dinos walked on to Hawkings field for the first home game of the season. Fans cheered and heckled (all in good fun!) up until the dying seconds of the match. Thanks to go to our sponsors Spolumbos and the Dinos Athletics Department. Along with our fans we were able to raise $600!!
We hope to see everyone out at the pitch the first weekend in October when the Dinos battle UBC at Hawkings field!
Great to see familiar alumni faces.. Heather, Adrienne and Lauren thanks for coming out!



Get to Know Your DINOS: Stephanie Petrowitsch

Every weekend, the Dinos team will announce a weekend MVP and then introduce you to her!

This weeks well deserved title of MVP was given to goalie, Steph Petrowitsch. On Saturday's 6-0 defeat, Steph saved rebound shot after rebound shot, despite the Dinos breakdown. In Sunday's game Steph saved two penalty shots, exemplifying her composure. She is a strong leader on the field, always communicating to her teammates.

She finished her BSc in Kinesiology in 2012 and spent 8 months traveling, she is now completing her final year of eligibility while working on her nursing degree.  Here are some interesting facts about Steph:

  • When it comes to food Steph loves Indian and Thai food but admits she has a soft spot for Eggs Benedict. The weirdest thing she has ever eaten would have to be a roasted white flying ant in her travels to Uganda.
  • Steph loves to travel and spend time outdoors whenever she gets a break from school and field hockey. Her most recent travels have taken her around Scandinavia and Holland but she also spent time traveling throughout Asia. Even when she can't make it overseas she loves heading to the mountains and spending time skiing or hiking.
  • When Steph needs a relaxing evening with a movie she find it hard to pick just one, but Away We Go is at the top of the list.
  • Sometimes Steph wishes she was taller so if she could be any animal she would choose to be a giraffe!
  • Steph has made many great memories over the years some exciting and others humbling. A memory that sticks with many of her teammates would have to be one practice when a teammate was practicing their scoop at net, Steph back pedaled trying to save it but soon realized she had gone to far when she found herself stuck upside down in the back of the net. Thankfully Lindsay came to her rescue as the rest of the team was busy dying of laughter.
  • Her favorite memory would have to be in 2011 at CIS Nationals. The Dinos were playing University of Toronto Blues at night in the midst of some incredibly cold weather, but the team came together to defeat U of T which lead them to the gold medal game! 

Steph’s outstanding performance this weekend has given the Dinos Field Hockey team the motivation to work harder and improve in their upcoming games. 


Home Opener An Important Step Forward

This weekend the Dinos played their home opener against the University of Victoria Vikes at Hawkings Field.

On Saturday, the Dinos had a solid start to the game but began to fall apart, allowing the Vikes to concede three goals each half. After the Dinos unfortunate 6-0 loss they focused on the positive aspects to move forward to Sunday's rematch. The Dinos cohesively came together as a team, holding the Vikes to a 0-0 tie in the first half. The Dinos came out strong in the second half with two unreal saves made by this weekends MVP, goalie Steph Petrowitch, on two penalty strokes. Despite the equal dominance of the match, the Vikes came out on top with two goals.

The young Dinos team left the pitch elevated after Sunday's match. They plan to channel this positive energy into the next two weeks of practices before they face the UBC Thunderbirds back on Dinos home turf on October 5th and 6th at Hawkings Field.


Building the Red Army

The team in Vancouver.

This weekend the Dinos made their only trip to Vancouver to play the UBC Thunderbirds. As a team, we developed skills and systems on the field and accomplished personal team goals off the field, setting the tone for the following season.

With the start of a new season comes the start of new traditions, new players, new challenges and new outcomes. The team has welcomed new players Brittney Whittaker, Kieran Watson, Yuno Iwabuchi and Melanie Boonstra, adding to the mix of returning players. Through the induction of new traditions while building on past foundations, the team is set on becoming a unified team off the field in order to improve our team cohesion on the field. New traditions included enjoying the Vancouver scenery (or lack there of), team dinners including a pasta cook-off and sushi bender, and a kickoff ceremony to open the new season. With such a short season, we all value the importance of being a connected team and are working hard to become one red army. 

While the outcomes of this weekend may have not been what the team would have liked, every player battled relentlessly and together as a unit pressuring UBC until the end.

Our season is just getting started and we are excited to take on the UVic Vikes this weekend, September 21 and 22 at 1pm at Hawkings Field. Come out and cheer on your Dinos at their first home opener!


Game 1: Dinos excited to build from their first game

Left to Right: Dinos Claire Beaton, Stephanie Petrowitsch and Lindsay Koch following the first 2013 Canada West game.

The University of Calgary Dinos started off their 2013 season in Vancouver with a solid effort against the UBC Thunderbirds.  With a great defensive start from the Dinos, the game went scoreless for 18 minutes before UBC scored their first goal. Goaltender & fifth year Dino Stephanie Petrowitsch had a phenomenal game in net making many spectacular saves to keep the game close. Petrowitsch quickly gave credit to her team and especially their defense for a solid game performance. After two pretty short corner executions from UBC, the Dinos were down 0-3 at half time. 

After the break the Dinos came off the bench with lots of energy, creating a few nice runs and pass combinations (some noticeable runs coming from fifth year forward Keara Chicquen). However, it was the Thunderbirds that would struck next after a good solid defensive effort from the Dinos stopping 2 big opportunities, but third time was the charm. The Dinos lost a bit of energy and the Thunderbirds were able to capitalize two more times before the Dinos made a huge team drive to earn their first short corner of the game. With a perfect lay-off left execution, second year Dino Janelle Rice scored her first CIS-career goal with a banana shot into the bottom right corner.  

Second year Dino Jessica Britton made a great save on the line and Petrowitsch would make another big diving save, but the Thunderbirds would score one more goal to take the game 7-1.

After the game, the Dinos, although not satisfied with the score, were happy with their performance achieving all of the performance goals that they'd set for the game. It was a great benchmark for the team and the first opportunity for head coach Meyer to see his team in action. The team is excited to build on from here and sees lots of potential for the upcoming season. They now have specific areas to focus on and will recharge and refocus tonight for tomorrow's second shot at UBC @ 1pm at Wright Field in Vancouver (Sunday September 15th).

Congratulations to first year Dinos Brittany Whittaker, Kieran Watson and Yuno Iwabuchi for playing in their first CIS games today!

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