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Dinos Help Raise $700 for the Les Mann Memorial Fund

This past weekend at the Dinos Home game the Dinos players and the DWFHAA board members put on a bake sale to help raise funds for the Les Mann Memorial Fund. On Saturday September 18th the field hockey community lost a very special person-Les Mann. To honour his memory the Les Mann Memorial Fun was created to benefit the Cowichan Junior Field Hockey Association. We are part of an amazing field hockey community and are pleased to share that we raised $700! We would like to thank everyone who donated to this great cause. 


Get to Know Your DINOS: Janell Lautermilch

This weeks MVP and featured DINO is Janell Lautermilch, she is in her 5th year of Kinesiology and will be graduating this year. Although she still has another year of CIS eligibility remaining, this season will be her last one with the Dinos field hockey team.

Her consistent play and leadership both on and off the pitch are important components of the team’s progress and coming together.

Not only is Janell a great leader on the team, she is also a leader in the community. Last year, she was the recipient of the Senate Service Award. This award is based on good academic standing and community engagement. Janell’s community engagements included volunteering at Carewest long-term facility and a lot of coaching!

What do you love most about field hockey?

This is a tough one! What don't I love about field hockey? I think if I had to pick one thing - it is the people. Some of my fondest university memories are related to field hockey and Dinos is where I have made some of my best friends!

What is your favorite field hockey memory?

I kind of have two. An Australian one and a Canadian one hehe. 

Australian one - Last regular season game that I played with the Adelaide Uni girls before returning to Canada. I scored the winning goal to solidify our placing in order to move onto finals. Much excitement was to be had! Also got to leave the team singing our club anthem.

Canadian one - Semi-final game against U of T (ranked first going into the tournament) at the 2010 CIS nationals. It was an evening game and freezing cold but we still had tons fans come out to support us and when we won the game I kind of got chills (not from the icy turf) at the realization of what we had achieved and how special it was to share it with all of our family, friends and fans. 

If you were an animal, you would be:

I would be a dolphin because they always look like they have so much fun! Being a dog would be pretty good though. They live the life of luxury and I do love being spoiled with food!

If you could have a superpower it would be:

If I could have a superpower it would be the ability to apparate (all you Harry Potter fans know what I'm talking about but for others it would be like teleporting). I would choose to be able to apparate so that I could travel anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. 

What are your plans or goals for the future?

My goal is to gain acceptance to medicine and become a doctor. I am interested in pediatrics but we will see what happens! 




The Passion Shows

This weekend, the Dinos played the last two home games of the season against the UBC Thunderbirds. With a bye weekend last week, the Dinos had two weeks of practices and the hard work showed this weekend.

On Saturday, the Dinos came out strong, both offensively and defensively, and were able to hold the Thunderbirds to only a 1-0 lead. Unfortunately, three goals conceded in the second half ended the game at 4-0. Throughout Saturday’s game, the Dinos kept with the theme of the week, which was passion.

This week the Dinos were motivated and focusing on the passion of out sport. We've proved ourselves against the odds, to be reckoned with, opening both games with a first half consisting of only one goal conceded, and many great runs made from the forwards. Sunday we focused on keeping our composure and staying in contention as a squad. The girls sacrificed blood and sweat to keep the game close, and if that doesn't prove our passion for the game, nothing will. All players were pushing hard in our last home game of the season, showing the fans, our teammates and the opposition the desire we have. We practice and perform as a unit because we have the drive to succeed, not because it is an expectation, field hockey is not just a sport to us, it is our lives.



Name: Keara Chicquen 

Nickname: Kiki, Goose by my family, Chicken

Position and year (on the team): Forward, 5th..SUPER SENIOR 

Hidden Talent: Burping but that's not hidden..

When I wake up in the morning I always do these 2 things: Creep social media, wash sleep out of my eyes

If I could pick 4 people to have dinner with dead or alive I would choose: Beyonce, Princess Diana, Chip Wilson (Founder of Lululemon), Ellen Degeneres 

My favorite field hockey memory: playing UofT in a night game in the semi final at Nationals in 2011 and WINNING

The embarrassing moment that still makes me cringe: PG version: Visiting a gas station and asking where Tubby Dog was

The best advice I ever got/ fav thing iv’e learned over my years on the team: Never lose your love for the game 

I sometimes get mistaken for: my younger sister Danica

My pregame super meal is: a scrambled veggie hash - I make a mean breakfast

If I could trade lives with a celeb for a day, it would be: BEYONCE, hands down 


Get to Know Your DINOS: Henré Meyer  

This week was a bye-weekend for the Dinos so instead of selecting an MVP an MVC (most valuable coach) was chosen. Here is an opportunity to find out a little bit more about first year head coach Henré Meyer.

Henré, or Ré as he is more commonly referred to by the team, is a native of South Africa. His enthusiasm, dedication and passion for field hockey have motivated the Dinos Field Hockey Team to continue to work hard and improve with every practice and game. Ré’s constant encouragement and drive to win have inspired the team to strive to perform at the highest level possible and continue to grow. Ré’s intensity speaks for itself during games and practices and here is a chance to see a different side of Ré as he talks about his own field hockey experiences as well as his thoughts on Canada!      


Q: What age did you start playing field hockey?
A: 15, hockey was one of the ‘last’ or ‘more recent’ sports I started playing.  I started playing purely to go on a massive inter-school tour weekend – where all the sports compete against a rival school in another part of South Africa.  I started out in the u16D team as GK.

Q: What positions have you played and which one is your favorite?
A: My competitive days as a goalkeeper.  Since playing in Calgary, generally in defence…although still want to have a crack at forward!  Midfield …maybe as the fitness improves!  On the odd occasion I have put on the pads in Calgary, I always enjoy it and do miss it…maybe one day soon again…

Q: What is your favorite thing about field hockey?
A: I love that hockey is such a dynamic sport, yet immensely technical and challenging.  There are just so many skills to master…which can make it difficult or unappealing in the beginning, but as one improves, one develops an array of skills one can utilize.  The team aspect of hockey is also most enjoyable.  Easy way to make friends anywhere in the world…

Q: Why did you decide to become a coach?   
A: I actually fell into coaching in 2003.  That year I was selected to the provincial u21A team and got a phone call to run a coaching clinic at a local primary school (gr1-gr7) for the u12s and u14s.  I ended up staying on as their coach for the season. 

Q: What sport do you like to watch the most other than field hockey?
A: Well, most sports!  The tv doesn’t get switched off during Olympic Games!  I do enjoy most sports…of course I have my bias towards rugby and cricket…but I really do enjoy the NHL too!

Q: What made you decide to come to Canada?
A: After university, I looked at the few working holiday options that were available to South African passport holders.  Ireland and Canada were once off opportunities and also the ‘less common’ working holiday for ‘Saffas’…who tended to go to the UK.  So I decided Canada and Ireland would provide me some unique opportunities and experiences, so after my 6 months in Ireland, I arrived in Canada…

Q: What is one of the stereotypes about Canadians that you think is true?
A: That Canucks love bacon!?  And that Canucks are very friendly and gracious…

Q: What was your first impression of Canada?
A: I first arrived in Toronto – which I initially thought would be my base.  However it was too big and after coming from Dublin, it seemed overwhelming.  I also wanted to experience a Canadian winter on the slopes of a ski resort, ideally learning to ski/board.  I left Toronto after 2 weeks, arrived in Calgary for 10 days…(a place I only knew of prior due to one of my all-time favourite movies, Cool Runnings!) and then ended up leaving for Smithers, BC, where I stayed a little longer than planned for my working holiday year.  But it was a superb experience, although towards the end of that year I was gravitating back toward Calgary.
Canada is very beautiful…pristine outdoors be it winter or summer….and that along with the colours…especially the autumn colours in Ontario, make for many picture perfect outings.

Q: Have you tried poutine and if so what did you think?
A: Yes!  Mainly when I was on the ski hill…it is nice, but can’t have it too often! 

Q: Now that your high level hockey days are over (are they?) how’s your golf swing coming along?
A: Haha, ja, they probably are.  I would need to be playing and training far more often than one currently could....I only had a hand full of rounds this summer, but patience seems to be the key to success on the golf course.  I also started to enjoy running….and up for most sports.  Squash in the winter time is also a great activity to enjoy.  My swimming needs some work again - it has been too long!

Q: If you were having a dinner party, what would you make?
A: Tough one!  I would probably ‘braai’, which is the South African word for bbq over coals/wood/fire.  Be it steak, lamb chops, boerewors (farmers sausage)…it is a social event of its own and provides the meat with so much added flavor.
Making a babotie would also be on the cards, although I do make a mean butternut soup!