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Game 1's Grittiest Player: Jess Britton

This year a key focus for the Dinos field hockey team is playing with grit and intensity. After each game a player is selected who best embodied this theme. Defender Jessica Britton certainly demonstrated these qualities during Saturday's match against the Vikes. Jessica is in her third year of health sciences, completing a Biomedicine major and hopes to go to med school and become a paediatric doctor.

 Her infectious positive attitude, shut down defence, and continuous hard work have made Jessica a stand out player already this season. As such, Jessica has a major leadership role within the team this year, and  was selected as one of the co- captains. Jessica is a natural leader both on and off the field, and always sets a positive example. Due to her outstanding leadership qualities she was selected to be part of the Dinos LEAD ((Leadership Education in Athlete Development) program, which is designed to make student-athletes impactful leaders on their teams and in the community.

What does it mean to you to be a gritty player?

I think some people can mistake “gritty” for “dirty”. To be a gritty player does not mean to play dirty, it means something as simple as playing with every intention to have possession of the ball, and working as hard as you possibly can to take the ball from the opposing team. If you want the ball, you want the ball and will do whatever it takes to get it. Being a gritty player is playing your heart out and leaving nothing on the pitch. 

Why did you choose to be a defender/ have you always played defence?

I initially chose to be a defender because that was the position I played in soccer. I don’t think I ever even tried playing midfield or forward – I played defence and I immediately loved it! I’ve always liked being one of the last men back – it’s fun to be the person who saves some goals and shuts people down!

What is your greatest accomplishment as an athlete?

My greatest accomplishment as an athlete is when my single A high school team won the bronze medal at AA Field Hockey Provincials – the majority of the tournament was comprised of private schools, so it was a very big achievement for our very small public school! I’m still proud and love to rep my Rossland Royals gear around campus every once in a while – my high school coach and team are the reasons why I’m a Dino today!

Who is your biggest fan?

My biggest fan is definitely my Granny. Although she may not be with us anymore, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that she’s still cheering me on from up above! 

Do you have a favourite sports movie/ favourite motivational sports quote?

My favourite sports movie would have to be The Blind Side, but my favourite motivational sports quote is the "Inches by Inches" speech by Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday.

 What is one food that you cannot stand? Mushrooms. Definitely mushrooms. Who likes eating rubbery fungus? 

If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

SO MUCH. Firstly, I would travel to Rome and Nashville. I really want to see the coliseum and I’ve always wanted to go to the Grand Ole Opry! Then I would get rid of my student loans. And then I’d fund Dinos Field Hockey OF COURSE!!!


Dinos 2016 Upcoming High School Events

Dino’s Field Hockey Club  
Dino’s Women’s Field Hockey Alumni Association

2015 Events

All events will be held at Hawkings Field (the water-based turf at the University of Calgary).


High School Junior Tournament

Thank you to all the teams that have registered. We are currently full for the 2016 Junior High School tournament. 

When: April 21 - April 23rd 2016

Cost: $300/team

Click here to register


High School Senior Tournament

Thank you to all the teams that have registered. We are currently full for 2016 Senior High School Tournament.

When: April 28-30th 2016

Cost: $300/team

 Click here to register


Dinos Field Hockey Day Camps!

When:  April 16th and April 17th, 2016


Cost: $75/person 

Please arrive at the turf at 8:30am for registration and warm-up

Click here to register


If you have any questions, please contact us @ 

We look forward to another successful high school season! Best of luck!


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Keara Chicquen Named Canada West All-Star

For the second consecutive year and to close out her Dinos Career, Keara has been named as part of the Canada West All-Stars. Keara had an exceptional year as a 5th year and Captain of the 2013 Dinos Field Hockey Team. She scored the two lone goals for the Dinos in their final weekend in Victoria and showed great leadership throughout the Season on and off the field. Congratulations Keara!


Congratulations 5th Year and Graduating Players

Congratulations to our 5th-year Dinos and Graduating Players!!

As the girls close out their season last weekend in Victoria a few girls also close their careers as Dinos. Keara Chicquen (also graduating), Courtney Duggan, Lindsay Koch and Stephanie Petrowitsch played in their last career games as Dinos in the final Canada West games of the season. These ladies completed their 5 years of eligibility as Dinos and had stellar careers! Two more Dinos, Yuno Iwabuchi and Janell Lautermilch, also played their last field hockey games as Dinos as they will be graduating this year. Good Luck to you all in your future schooling and careers! 

Congratulations Ladies and Welcome to the Alumni!!!