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High School Tournament Registration Now Open!

It's that time of year again and High School Field Hockey is starting up!

The Dinos Field Hockey team is hosting their annual High School tournaments coming up in April. 

JUNIOR tournament: April 20-22nd, 2017

SENIOR tournament: April 27-29th, 2017


Please go to the "Events" page for more details and to register!


Welcome Future Dinos!!!

It's almost that time of year when our future Dinos take to the turf in hopes to make that starting squad to compete against the best CIS Field Hockey Teams in Canada. Training Camp and Trials get under way Starting August 14th, 2015!

Good Luck Ladies! 


October 5th Grittiest Player: Madison Jarvis

In her first year of playing, Madison Jarvis consistently puts forth her best effort. Sunday’s game against the University of Victoria Vikes was no different. Playing even after having a bloody nose, Madison consistently shut down the opposing team with excellent tackles.

Madison is in her first year of Environmental Sciences at the University of Calgary and is originally from Kelowna, BC.

What does it mean to you to be a gritty player?

To me a gritty player is someone who leaves everything on the field, they play with their heart and want nothing more than to succeed in anyway possible. A gritty player plays not only for themselves but mainly for their teammates. When I'm playing a game, I want to play the to the best of my ability and put everything on the line, I play for myself but I play mainly for my teammates because it is one thing to disappoint myself it is another to let your team, or better yet your family down. A gritty player is someone who puts their love of the game first, and doesn't stop until the final whistle blows.

How long have you been playing Field Hockey, what made you start playing?

I started playing field hockey in grade 10, so this is my fourth season playing. I wanted to play field hockey because it was something different and it was a sport that I had not tried before.

Why did you choose to be a defender/ have you always played defence?

I played defence for soccer so it was easy transfer over some of the positional aspects and it felt like a good fit. I choose to be a defender because I feel more comfortable by the net and honestly there is glory in scoring goals but I feel more accomplished when I stop goals or shut someone down.

Coming from BC, how have you found your first couple of months in Calgary?

My first couple months here in Calgary have been pretty great, I’ve made a lot of great friends and have already had some great memories. The weather is definitely something to get used to but it hasn’t been too bad so far! It has been a large transition but I made the right choice coming to Calgary and I am extremely happy that I did.

Do you have a favourite sports movie/ favourite motivational sports quote?

“Good better best never let it rest until your good is better and your better is your best.” Michael Jordan

What is your favourite post game snack? 

Breakfast burritos with Marion!

If you were not playing field hockey, what sport would you be playing?

I would probably be playing soccer since it was the first sport I played and the starting point for my athletic career. I have played soccer since I was five and it was the first sport that I put my heart and soul into. 

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Well, my uvula (the thing that hangs in your throat) is shaped like a heart, most people don’t know that but I guess now they do…

If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?


Haha I wish… Well I would be able to pay for schooling so that would be great and I would also travel everywhere since I love adventure. I would also give money to my parents so they can do whatever they would like since they gave up most of there lives helping me get to where I am today. I would also help assist with some of our funding and give a scholarship to out of province players!


October 4th Grittiest Player: Beckett Frisch


For the second time this season the grittiest player is Beckett Frisch for an incredible goal tending performance on Saturday October 4th. Beckett consistently delivers outstanding goal tending performances as exemplified on Saturday when she saved 25 shots.  Her communication and leadership on the field has helped this young team develop and improve. Her dedication to gritt is an excellent example for the rest of the team.



Grittiest Player: Beckett Frisch

To no one's surprise, Sunday's grittiest player was goaltender Beckett Frisch, who faced continuous pressure from the Vikes but only allowed one goal. This is Beckett's first year as a Dino after studying at Maine University for four years and goaltending for their team for three years. Beckett is currently in her first year of graduate studies, focusing on Environmental Design.

Beckett's fourteen years of experience as a goalkeeper are evident on the field, and her leadership has been crucial in guiding this years young team. Her consistent skill, communication, and leadership have made her the backbone of the squad.  

What does it mean to you to be a gritty player?

To work hard for yourself and your teammates day in and day out, no matter the situation.

Why did you choose to be a goaltender/ how long have you been one?

I actually did not choose to be a goaltender. I was/am an ice hockey goalie and the GK on my first CJP team quit and my coach said "it's the same as ice hockey"... all lies. So I started playing goal. Once I got hit in the side of the head with a ball when I was playing as a forward, I decided the net should probably just be my home.

How does playing at U of C compare to playing in Maine? What was it like playing in the NCAA?

Well no one does my laundry here, that's the biggest difference. But in all seriousness, being an NCAA athlete was stressful. It's treated as a business. I never had time to myself. You're very micromanaged in all aspects of your life (right down to weekly study hall hours and grade reporting). I've really found my passion for the game again being back in Calgary, and I feel more in charge of my own destiny, athletically and academically. 

Do you have any fun/weird/ different pre game rituals?

I put on my equipment left to right. Walking to the net before the start of each half, I hit each of my pads with my stick, tap my blocker 3 times, and touch the crossbar. I also play to the rhythm of whatever song got stuck in my head during warm-up. The last shot in warm-up also can't be a goal, if it is I need another shot until I end on a save. I also don't wear the same jersey in the game as I did in warm-up.

What is your favourite pump up song?

It honestly depends how I feel that day. Music always needs to match my mood. If I'm angry, maybe a little Atreyu or Alexisonfire. If I'm deep in my feels, you could catch me listening to Ne-Yo or other slow jams.

Do you have a favourite sports movie or favourite motivational sports quote?

"The logo on the front is more important than the name on the back."

Also, Miracle. And The Mighty Ducks. 

What is one of your most embarrassing athletic moments?

When I first started playing goal in ice hockey, I'd always be so close to getting a shutout but would consistently score one goal on myself – beauty tips off my stick into the top corner. Worst part of my 11 year-old life.  

If you could change one rule in field hockey, what would it be?

I think you should be able to score from anywhere. Just kidding, no goalie would ever say that. Maybe that there were left-handed sticks, just for a day though, and with any luck no one would die.

If you were not playing field hockey, what sport would you be playing?

I've always wanted to be good at basketball because I feel like that gives you a lot of street cred. 

What is a life goal of yours?

To leave a positive mark on this world, big or small.